Guardian angels are indeed real. On at least one occasion a few years back, I am convinced that I was rescued by my guardian angel sent from God.

A Personal Story

While serving in the United States Air Force in 1973, I was stationed in Udorn, Thailand. At the time of this incident, I had only been at Udorn for just a few weeks. The Air Force would not allow wives of the military personnel to live in Thailand, so myself and a handful of other airmen decided to bring our wives overseas on our own. My wife, Linda would be arriving in a few days. I had rented a three bedroom bungalow, a house on stilts, for us to live in upon her arrival.

That afternoon I had finished my work shift and had left the air base to go clean up the bungalow. I worked for several hours, when I grew tired and lay down for a brief nap. I awoke and realized that it had gotten dark. I was new to Thailand and could not speak the language good enough to even catch a taxi. The Air Force had warned me when I first arrived that it was dangerous to walk downtown alone after dark. So, realizing the trouble that I was in, I knelt beside the bed and prayed for a safe walk back to the air base.

I left the bungalow and headed back to the base walking down the dark streets. On the way I noticed as I passed some dark buildings, that there was a pair of eyes glaring out in my direction. As I continued walking, I became aware that a rough looking Thai man was quickly catching up to me. I picked up the pace, and as I walked faster the man ran past me. He got ahead of me, and as he turned, there was a car approaching several blocks away. The headlights of the distant car shinned briefly upon a machete that he was pulling from underneath his shirt. A machete is a very long, wide-blade knife used commonly in harvesting crops in Thailand.

I saw the machete and immediately prayed reminding God of His promise of a safe return walk to the air base.

Upon ending the brief prayer, I quickly turned to run across the street. What I had not realized though, was that there were two other men that had sneaked up right behind me. By then I had made a couple of steps getting up enough speed that I hit them, knocking one down in the street. The other grabbed hold of me and the two of us rolled down a bank into a “klong”, a stagnant water-filled ditch.

As I scrambled back up the bank exhausted, the man with the machete met me. The other two now grabbed hold of my arms on each side as the machete was held to my throat. I knew that my life was in immediate danger, so once again I prayed for God’s help.

Suddenly, the man holding the machete looked up in the sky over the top of my head and screamed something in horror. I thought he was about to kill me…

Instead, he threw the knife down as he pointed up over my head. He screamed in horror as he ran away into the dark. The other two also screamed in horror as they too ran. I knew that he had seen something that had scared him away, but as I looked there was no one there!

I am convinced that my guardian angel, sent from God had, appeared to frighten my would be attackers that night. Certainly, I cannot explain what happened any other way. If you ask me, do I believe in guardian angels? The answer is emphatically, YES!

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