In John 14:2, Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you.”

An Open Invitation

Jesus set the stage to speak about Heaven as the final destination for all believers. The statement Jesus makes when he said, “I go” presents the doorway, the means whereby we that believe may spend eternity with our Lord in Heaven. The Greek word for “go” is “pore–eu–mai” which means “to depart this life or to die”. The statement clearly indicates his willingness to die a sacrificial death that all believers would have access to his Father’s house… The disciples would soon understand that Jesus referred to his death on the cross. Jesus chose to die by the way of the cross in order that our sins could be atoned and we can be forgiven.

His atoning death on our behalf would not be an easy one. In Luke 22:44 we read of the “agony” Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. The word “agony” makes use of a military term depicting a soldier to be in combat having pain and anxiety and yet going forward in spite of the suffering endured. The verse states that while Jesus prayed in anticipation of the cross he sweat “great drops of blood”. The medical term for “bloody sweat” indicates “a rare condition brought about by extreme levels of stress”. Bloody sweat is caused by broken capillaries in sweat glands which results in the mixing of blood with sweat. The symptoms of this condition is severe pain, weakness, and shock.

Moments later following the agony of prayer in Gethsemane Jesus is betrayed by Judas and delivered into the hands of the Roman soldiers. He is mocked, beaten, unmercifully tortured, and then nailed to the cross for execution by crucifixion. All of this so that Jesus could pay our sin debt to God. In John 14:2 Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” The word “prepare” is a culinary term meaning to make ready a banquet. In Revelation 19 the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” is described as Jesus celebrates with his bride, the church, in Heaven on the eve of his visible return to earth in power and glory. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you”. Jesus has invited us to spend eternity with him in his Father’s house. Jesus flung open the door to Heaven for all that by faith believe that he died on the cross to pay our sin-debt to God.


Lilly Made Sure of Her Home in Heaven

(A True Story and Testimony)

Lilly’s mother had told her often of Heaven and took Lilly every Sunday to Sunday School and Church to worship. When Lilly was 8 years old, her mother passed away and her drunken father could not care for her, so he sent Lilly to live with her older, married sister. Her sister did not bother about God and Church, so eight year old Lilly attended Sunday School, Church, and the children’s meetings alone. The Church was just a few blocks walk from her sister’s house. No one had to coax Lilly to go for she loved attending and remembering the things that her Mom had taught.

During a revival meeting the Pastor said, “There are so many children here tonight I believe the Lord is leading to make this a special children’s night worship.” He asked the boys and girls who want to give their lives to Jesus to come to the altar and kneel in front. Many children called upon Jesus that night in prayer to be saved. After the revival service, happy tears were streaming down children’s faces, except for Lilly, for Lilly was not there. Big sister had told her she could not go out alone after dark and no one had come to take Lilly to Church. The next Sunday Lily heard from her friends about the special children’s night service. Many of her friends said to Lilly, “I wish you were there. Jesus came into our hearts and we are so happy”.

Lilly did not say much, but she could not stop the sadness from showing on her face. She longed deep inside to have the happiness that her friends spoke of with Jesus in their hearts. She remembered the home in Heaven that her mother had often told her about. A few weeks went by and the Pastor announced a special evangelist from out of town would be there next Sunday to preach. Lilly was so excited for she knew this time she would be there for the special worship service. The day for the service arrived. The visiting evangelist began to speak. Lilly thought, “He must be a Holy man as his face had such a happy look as he spoke. She listened intently even though she did not understand all of his grown up words. Suddenly, the evangelist paused and seemed to look right at Lilly. He started to tell a story in simple child’s language about a man that had a hundred sheep and one got lost.

The man loved the lost sheep so much that he left the ninety-nine to go look for the lost sheep. He found the wandering sheep and tenderly brought it back to the fold. Then the evangelist added, “That is the way Jesus is and His loving heart wants us all to be with Him in Heaven”. Lilly felt in her heart that the evangelist was talking just to her. She thought, “He does not know that I was not here when the other children got saved. He does not know that I am the one lost sheep, but he did seem to talk just to me”.

Soon the invitation was given and Lilly was too timid to go to the altar with all the adults. But then, something wonderful happened for the evangelist came out of the pulpit, placed his arms around Lilly to say, “You want to receive Jesus, don’t you?” Lilly through her tears told the evangelist that she had not been there when her friends got saved and she was the little lost sheep that he had spoken of and yes, she wanted very much to receive Jesus. That time Lilly was there. Lilly asked Jesus into her heart and made sure of her home in Heaven.

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